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​We create and execute sophisticated public relations strategies for legal, professional services, and healthcare organizations that are integrated with their branding, marketing, and business development goals.



We conduct tailored campaigns for clients in their key sectors and areas targeted for growth. We position clients ahead of the conversation and trends. In all projects, we take a focused approach – nothing scattershot here.



Our clients are looking to grow their relationships and advance their relevance in the marketplace. Through our services they find that the right media outreach produces deeper, stronger business relationships, with the revenue results to prove it.

At Zumado, we believe in the zone. If we aren't working in the zone, we aren't effective. We focus on adding value, immediate and long-term, to client objectives. We help clients determine the right tactics, in the right business cycles, at the right budget. Joining the right conversation in the right context makes all the difference. Our motto: "Let's talk."

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